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3-7pm, Oct 14
Skybox on 6th

501 W 6th St 4th Floor
Austin, TX 78701

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Although the K-Food Nation Finale is the final destination for the 2023 K-Food Supporters, it is not the end of their journey by any means. This is the place where K-Food Supporters from the first, second, and third cohorts can gather in community and enjoy a meaningful celebration of K-Food, K-Culture, and K-Food Supporters together.

An exclusive, invite-only event open to our cohorts of K-Food Supporters and other VIPs, after check-in the event will kick off with our opening ceremony. You’ll get to meet our VIPs, including local chefs and public figures, who will make a few remarks.

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Throughout the event, well-known local influencers will be live broadcasting the event as you get a chance to explore, try new foods, and connect with other K-Food Lovers!

Once you submit your
K-Food Nation Passport application, you will be chosen as part of the 2023 Cohort of K-Food Supporters.


We’re looking forward to announcing our partnerships with culinary professionals, chefs, opinion leaders, and local restaurants in the Austin and broader TX area soon. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!



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The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) is the premier culinary institution in the U.S. and one of the best in the whole world. The CIA consistently produces some of the best culinary talent in America and around the world. CIA San Antonio is particularly known for specializing in desserts. Given Korea’s ubiquity for confectionery innovation, K-Food Nation has decided to partner with CIA San Antonio to celebrate cross-cultural culinary design and appreciation. We are incredibly excited about this partnership that will truly make K-Food nation 2023 great. 

We are incredibly grateful to be inviting tremendous support from the CIA San Antonio students by asking them to become K-Food Supporters and share ideas creatively inspired by the contents of the 2023 Welcome Box. These unique creations will be shared with all at the K-Food Nation Finale Event in October.

Chef Jose Frade

Associate Dean

Chef Jose Frade earned his BBA at University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, and his AAS at The Texas Culinary Academy—Le Cordon Bleu, Austin, TX. His professional experience includes the following: Garde Manger Chef, Pesca on the River, San Antonio, TX. Executive Sous Chef, Café Paladar, San Antonio. Chef de Cuisine, Under the Table, McAllen, TX. Head Chef-Instructor, The International Culinary Institute, Pharr, TX. Head Chef, International Culinary Institute Sugar, McAllen. Manager, Lone Star National Bank, McAllen.


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We are excited to welcome Oseyo to K-Food Nation and to experience the passion and vision of Oseyo through their food at the K-Food Nation finale event. A modern Korean restaurant inspired by traditional Korean home cooking, Oseyo offers a chic, upscale dining experience. Featuring homestyle Korean fare and craft cocktails, Oseyo elevates classic Korean cuisine and offers some of the best Korean food in the greater Austin area. Through a philosophy of cooking that combines traditionalism with modernity, Oseyo’s curated menu for K-Food Nation is sure to delight, intrigue, and excite.

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Lynn Miller

Co-Founder and Owner

Lynn Miller is founder and owner of Oseyo. The mission behind Oseyo is inspired by Miller’s father, who survived his terminal cancer diagnosis two years beyond the doctor’s original expectations. The food at Oseyo is rich in vitamins and minerals, enhanced by quintessential preparation methods like fermentation. With Miller’s commitment to creating harmony between tried and true recipes alongside modern innovation, the basis of each recipe is found in her mother’s cooking. In this way, the menu at Oseyo, which means “welcome to my home” in Korean, is inspired by both Miller’s mother and father.

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Laura Sawicki

Executive Chef

Laura Sawicki is a James Beard finalist and six-time semi-finalist. In 2021 Chef Sawicki left her position as executive pastry chef at Launderette and Fresa’s, and in 2023 joined Oseyo, a Korean-Mexican eatery, as the culinary director. Under Chef Sawicki’s leadership the menu now features stunning fusion dishes in addition to a creatively un-matched dessert menu including dishes like panna cotta made with fermented soy and misugaru (a Korean multigrain powder), silken tofu cheesecakes, and roasted barley/honey ice cream.

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Mike Diaz

Co-Founder and Executive Chef

Chef Mike Diaz is the culinary expert behind Oseyo. He bridges the gap between the flavors from his heritage and co-founder Lynn Miller’s heritage, specifically focusing on the commonalities between Korean and Mexican cuisine. The mash-ups that have resulted in subtle crossover dishes, like a honeycomb tripe posole with a kimchi-guajillo broth.


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Chi’lantro began in 2010 as a food truck and dream to share Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine with people. The home of THE ORIGINAL Kimchi Fries, Chi’lantro has been featured in Food and Wine, Cooking Channel, and Food Network. We are incredibly excited to join with Jae Kim and his Chi’lantro empire as one in K-Food Nation. Chi’lantro began as a dream to join a Korean heritage to a Texan upbringing and is a quintessential example of how K-Food truly can be for anyone. 

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Jae Kim

Founder & CEO

Jae Kim has built a mini-food empire in Austin by fusing Korean and Tex-Mex flavors. Chi’Lantro began as a food truck and has since expanded to over ten locations in the Austin area and one in Houston, with more to come. Kim’s viral “The Original Kimchi Fries” are served more than 200,000 times a year and have since been replicated all over the country. In 2017, he won a deal with Barbara Corcoran on ABC’s Shark Tank and was honored with the Immigrant Achievement Award. In 2019, Jae Kim was named Person of the Year by the Small Business Association (SBA.) He has been featured in Food and Wine, Cooking Channel, the Food Network, and more.


Questions? Reach out!

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